We have a ‘chatterbox’ in our class that has lots of interested things in it that we can chat about. Inside this chatterbox were lots of things about the Harvest To celebrate lovely food and say thank you to God for the sun and the rain that make our crops grow, we made a fruit salad. Some children weren’t too keen on some of the fruits! We went to church for our Harvest Festival where we sang Harvest songs and said thank you to God.

Reception are settling in well at Holy Trinity CE Primary

Our new Reception children have settled into Holy Trinity School life very quickly. They are a very lively, happy bunch! We have explored our Forest school, looking for clues that Autumn is on its way. The children spotted that the apples had started to decay so they made an apple pie with the good ones. They noticed that the leaves were changing colour too.


In PE we have been practicing balances, travelling, jumps and actions to create our own sequence within a group to perform to the class

Science Activities

Our science activities are children testing whether temperature affects the time taken for chocolate to melt by using a timer and thermometer to record on a graph next lesson.

Mathematical Terms

We have been very busy learning new mathematical terms. Last week we learnt about 'same of different.' The children could copy my pattern from memory, show patterns in which there were the same amount of red counters as blue counters and show me the same amount of cubes as the number I was holding up. We then moved on to more than, less than, greater and fewer. The children could tell me their pattern had more or fewer reds counters than blue counters. we then related this to numbers and the children created sentences such as 4 is less than 9 and 7 is more than 1. We then learn how to show one more and one less than a number under ten using manipulatives. I am really impressed with how the

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