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Homework will be sent weekly:
1 Spelling
1 Basic Math skills / TT Rocks stars 
1 Reading comprehension activity.
Students receive homework on Fridays, and I expect back it no later than Wednesday.  The homework usually consists of spellings, basic skills maths work, and I require students to read a minimum of 3 times a week at home.


Please do not worry about home work, I do not want stress or arguments to be caused at home because of homework, if any issues arise come and speak to me and we can solve any issues. 




Home Reading

Children should read regularly every day, this is the most important homework the children have. Listen to your child read for about ten minutes and then ask them questions about what they have just read. It is also important that children experience a wide variety of reading books at home, visits to the library, newspapers and non-fiction.


PE is every Monday at 2:00 on the AstroTurf and every Thursday at 1:00 on the Top Yard.  Please ensure that your child has suitable clothes on these days.  If your child wears earrings, please remove them on the days they have PE or ensure that they can remove them on their own.  If they are unable to be removed please send in plasters to cover their ears.

This half term...
The half-term topic we are exploring the changes of Stone Age Britain through to the Iron Age. We will discover how life changed for average Britain and how the landscape has evolved.

We have linked our English work to our topic as the children will be working through the story The Stone Age Boy and will be reading Stig Of the Dump as a whole-class guided reading session. We will be delivering an extra maths and English lesson to help our students catch up on work that won't have been covered last year.

We will be following the Inspire Maths program for maths and will be using our extra lesson in the afternoon to catch up and consolidate previous years learning.

Art is linked to our topic of Stone Age Britain, and we will be designing our fossils and creating Cave art.

There is an added emphasis on PSHE this half term; we will be concentrating on how everyone is feeling being back to school and what we want to achieve this school year. 

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