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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together


Happy Monday everyone I hope you had a good weekend.


This week in English we are going to be thinking about grammar. Today I want you to identify and use common and proper nouns, we have done this before in year 3 and when we were in year 2.


First go to the BBC bitesize page

watch the videos and read the information and then have a go at activity one and activity two.


After that can you write a list of 10 nouns that you can see and 10 proper nouns that you know.


Today’s spellings

Pass, plant, path, bath, hour


In maths this week we are going to be learning about lines.


First watch this video

to learn about parallel and perpendicular lines.


Today concentrate on parallel lines, have a look around your house or garden or perhaps if you go on a walk how many parallel lines can you see?


Once you have found some either write a list or draw pictures of different items that have parallel lines.


Also remember to do some times tables practice.


In the afternoon have a go at some of the other topics that are in your home pack.


Remember you can email me on purple

Mash if you need any help.


Missing you all

Mrs Grady