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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together


Hi year 3

Today we are going to continue thinking about different types of lines.


I want you to find out what a horizontal line and a vertical line is.


Once you have found out what they are I want you to make me a video like the ones we have been watching. Can you teach another person what they are?


If you like send me your videos on purple mash 2email.


After that I want you to learn that adjectives describe nouns and be able to identify them in a sentence.


First visit the BBC bitesize webpage

and watch the videos and read the information.


After that complete activity one then I want you to write more interesting adjectives for the following words:







Using ‘very’ before the word does not change it the word.Once you have thought of your own you could use a thesaurus or to find even more.


Today’s spellings


Thursday, Friday, January, February, March


Later choose another subject from your pack


Hope you have a lovely day


Mrs Grady