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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together


Good morning year 3,


Today we are continuing with time for maths. Once you are confident with o’clock, half past and quarter to/past have a go at five-minute intervals.


First watch the video

then complete the purple mash to do on 5 minute intervals and look at:


Also please take time to practice times tables,

You can use to help.


After that it’s time to listen to chapter 4

of the Iron Man


Then look at the following activities


1. What is the strange news everyone is talking about at the beginning of chapter 4?

2. Why did the people of Earth tremble and weep and pray to God?

3. How do you feel when you read about the space-bat-angel-dragon?

4. Draw a character sketch of the space-angel-bat-dragon. Use evidence from the story to help you decide how it should look. Label your drawing with quotations from the text such as ‘vast indescribably terrible eyes’.


Todays spellings are :

Door, floor, poor, because, find

Try your best to practice these spellings and then see if someone can test you on them.


In the afternoon I would like you to think about well-being. Wellbeing means looking after our minds as well of our bodies to make sure we are feeling as good and happy as we can. This is difficult at the moment when life is not how we are used to and we are missing our families and friends.

Take a look at which teaches all about team work.


After that try and do something that helps your wellbeing, this could be playing in the garden, talking to someone you are missing on the phone, sharing how your feel (remember you can email me on purple mash if you want to share anything with me) or drawing a picture. There’s lots of ways to help your wellbeing. I’m going to take Flynn on a walk in his pram and then FaceTime my mum.


Hope you have a good day


Mrs Grady