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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together


Happy Friday everyone


Today we are going to be learning about digital time try changing different times from analogue to digital and from digital to analogue.


First watch the video


And complete the digital time 2do on purplemash.


After that :


After that look at chapter five


1. Why does the space-bat-angel-dragon laugh when the Iron Man challenges him to a test of strength?


2. How have your feelings about the Iron Man changed from the very beginning of the story?


3. Do you think the story is set in the past, present or future? Explain your answer.


4. The Iron Man is very brave in the story.He is ‘terribly afraid’ of going into the flames again, but summons all his strength to win the terrible contest in order to save the people of Earth. Can you think of a time you have been brave, or challenged yourself to do something that frightened you? Write about what happened, how you summoned the strength to go through with it and how you felt afterwards.


And today’s spellings are

Kind, mind, behind, child, children.


In the afternoon think carefully about all the celebrations you listed last time. Most of them are because something special is happening or has happened. How does your family celebrate? Do you give presents, have a party together, when we can, eat a special meal? Write or draw about one of the celebrations you chose and explain how your family celebrates. Think about why different faiths have important festivals, what might they be remembering? Write a list of the ones you know.


Hope you have a lovely weekend

Mrs Grady