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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together

Class 5/6J Home Learning 05.01.2021

Good morning Everyone.


I am so sorry not to be seeing you after your Christmas and New Year break. I hope that you had a fantastic time. Later on this week we will be able to spend a bit of time talking about your favourite part of the holiday and any New Years resolutions that you might have made.


For now I need to tell you about how we are going to organise our learning over the next few days.

There is a pack available for a grown up to pick up for you at school. It has an exercise book ,a pen, pencil and ruler in it. This will help you when you need to write thigs down. You could ask a grown up to take a photo of your writing and email it to me so that i can see what you have done.


I will email you here each morning with an outline of the days work and I will send you a link to three zoom meetings. There will be one to introduce our English lesson at 8.45am, one for our maths at 10:45 and a third one at 1.15pm to help you with your afternoon learning. I will also copy this message onto our class page on the school website so that you can read it there if that is easier.


So here is a plan for today.

We will start with an English lesson based on a new book. You can find it on serial Mash, i have set it as a 2do. It is called The Silver Secret of The Golden Hind. It is one of the Sapphire texts. I will talk to you about it in our first zoom meeting at 9am tomorrow.

Each day this week we will read one Chapter together. The children from our class who are in school will be doing the same.


Today i want you to read chapter 1, answer the five multiple choice questions online and hand it in online. I will mark it. Next i want you to think about the open-ended questions. I can't set those as a 2do so you will need to choose the book from the Sapphire section of serial mash, click on Chapter 1 and click on the box called open ended questions. I will show you how to do this on our first zoom meeting tomorrow. I have copied the questions here in case that is tricky.


Tuesday 5th January 2021 Open ended questions to answer in full sentences in your exercise books or you could type them in an email on purple mash and send them to me. Write as neatly as you can and check the text online before you answer. All the answers are in Chapter 1. 1. Why was León on night watch? 2. León had to work hard on board the Spanish galleon. Write down three of León’s daily chores.


3. Look at the paragraph beginning: And tonight, as… Why was the approaching ship deliberately slowing its progress in the water? 4. Under a blanket of smoke and dust, the privateers were clambering aboard, using axes and daggers to slash their way through the ship’s netting. What is meant by the phrase blanket of smoke and dust?


5. Look at the paragraph beginning: Under a blanket… León managed to make his way below decks without being spotted. Give two reasons why nobody noticed him slip away. If you have any spare time after this then please look at the writing task for Chapter 1 that i have set as a 2do. It is a diary entry that you can write and hand in online. You can spend any spare time you have today completing this task.


Once you have finished you can hand it in for me to see on Purple mash. Next, we are going to complete some maths. The zoom meeting to help you with this will start at 10.45. We are going to che3ck our understanding of perimeter and area of shape. You will need to be able to click on this link to a bitesize video. What is the perimeter? - BBC Bitesize The outside edge of a shape is known as the perimeter. Discover how to work out the perimeter of a 2D shape with this Bitesize KS2 guide.


After that we will be working through a set of questions on Learning by questions. During our zoom call i will remind you how to find this on your device. I will give you the three-letter code that you need to get going on the questions and i will stay on the zoom call so you can ask me if you get stuck. To get to the place to put the code in you need to search for LBQ and choose the link that says available tasks. i will give you the code in our zoom meeting.


This afternoon Miss Sumner is going to work with you on some online safety learning. There will be some 2dos set for you on Purple Mash and a video for you to watch. She will talk you through it during your zoom meeting at 1;15. I understand that all this is a bit complicated but we will work it out together and you can always send me a message or phone school if you have any questions. I am here to help; we will sort it out together. Stay safe, see you soon Mrs Jenkins.