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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together

Class 5/6J Home Learning 13.01.2021

Remote learning for Wednesday 13th January.


English Lesson

Have a go at the spelling 2do and the task I have set on conjunctions. Then have a look at the next few pages of our story, The patchwork path.

Whose voice is telling the story?

This is called writing in the first person, writing as if the main character is telling you the story directly, as it happened.

When we have read a bit more of the story I would like you to write three sentences which use emotive word choices to describe how Hannah and her Papa were feeling or behaving the night before they ran away. You could start with,


Brave Papa......................

Trembling with fear, Hannah...................

As the stars shone overhead Hannah lay...............


Maths lesson


Here are some links to some 6x table songs. They might help you to learn the table!


We need to get faster at our 6x table. Here is a copy of it for you to learn. I have set a few 2dos which help you practice it. When you think you know it quite well please log onto learning by questions and try the question set called 6 times table. I will show you the code when I see you at our zoom meeting in the morning. If you cannot attend I will email it to you on purple mash.