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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together

Class 5/6J Home Learning 15.01.2021


Our stars of the week this week are Muhammed and Zack. Muhammed for his brilliant listening on our zoom calls and his answers to questions on LBQ and Zack for keeping going when hearing is hard and for sending in some great answers yesterday by email. Well done both of you!


Today we need to do a longer piece of writing. Think about the story that we have read so far. Read the pages that I have talked to you about so far. Up to the point where Papa and Hannah run into the woods. If it helps you can listen to the story up to that point. Here is the link again. Stop listening after this page.


Next, please write the story so far, in your own words telling it as if you are a narrator. This is called retelling in the third person. So, you won't be writing as if you are Hannah but as if you are telling the story as if it was happening to other people. You won't say," I am called Hannah and I was ten when this happened to me.." You might write," two hundred and fifty years ago a little ten-year-old girl called Hannah was living with her family in Georgia.

She and her sister and her parents were slaves working on a plantation. One day Hannahs Mama taught her how to............."


Try to write six short paragraphs, using the boxes below to help you plan what to write. Make sure your sentences make sense and are correctly punctuated. Remember what we have spoken about so far this week and check you are writing the events in chronological order and that you include adjectives, adverbs and extra phrases to write about how people are feeling and what they are thinking. You can borrow words from the text but remember that you are writing it as a narrator, so you will be using pronouns like she, they, he.


You only need to retell the story up to the point where they are running through the woods......if you forget what happened then you could go back and listen to the story again or check your emails with the pages read so far on them. Don't copy whole sections, borrow words and phrases but write your own version. In the last part of your writing, I want you to predict what might happen next. Will they get chased by dogs? Will they find somewhere to hide?


Only predict what might happen on the next page. ​


I would like to see this work handed in either as a photo of the writing you have done in your exercise books or you could use the points in the boxes as headings in a reply to this email with your writing underneath. I know that this is quite a lot of writing so i am not setting any other 2dos for this lesson. I will set the worksheet as a 2do in case anyone wants to download it from purple mash and type directly in the boxes and hand it in as a 2do. If your exercise book is getting full or if you want me to look at the work you have done there is a box outside school with our class name on it. If someone could hand your book in there, I would look at it and you could take a fresh one. If that is something you would like to do just ask an adult to email me and let me know.



Maths lesson


Here are the links to our 6x table songs. Pick your favourite and sing along a few times. They might help you to learn the table!


Now watch Miss Brinkworth complete her lesson on how multiplication and division are linked. This will prepare us for next week's work concentrating on our tables.

You will need a piece of paper and a pencil for the lesson and you could send me a photo of the work that you have done.