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Welcome to class 5/6A. As you can imagine things are quite a bit different in school at the moment due to the COVID 19 Pandemic so here are a few details to help you organise yourselves at the start of this busy and rather unique first half term of the new school year.

In our efforts to make our school as safe a place as possible and to try and reduce the risk of any cross contamination between the home and school environments, we are discouraging pupils from bringing bags or pencil cases into school.

Children bringing packed lunches into school should be encouraged, where possible, to bring them in a disposable bag/container which can simply be thrown away each day. If pupils have a specific lunch box or bag which they use, they can of course continue to do so, but just not brought into school inside another bag or rucksack.

Pupils will be provided with their own set of writing, drawing and colouring equipment, which is theirs to keep in their own individual trays and look after. Obviously, the sharing of this equipment with other pupils will not allowed.


PE is now on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. As per guidance, we are asking the children to come to school on PE days already wearing their PE kits. As the weather gets colder we would recommend a tracksuit or joggers/leggings and a sweatshirt as well as appropriate footwear. As most PE sessions will be outdoors to begin with, trainers would be a better choice than pumps if possible. This half term our focus will be on developing our field hockey skills and improving our general fitness after six months in lockdown.






You will now be aware that we are not sending reading books home at the moment (rest assured the children do have a reading book in school and are being listened to whenever possible by staff) but it is still essential that they are reading at home and to an adult at least 3 times a week. Darwen library has a wide selection of books for all ages so if your children have read all the books you have at home, and it is a really straightforward process to join so why not give it a try?


Due to the current climate, we are not sending out homework books as we normally would. Instead, we will be setting homework electronically via the Purple Mash, My Maths and other appropriate websites. Homework will be set on and be available for completion on Fridays. It will generally cover aspects of English and Maths but may also include other subjects as and when required.

The children will also take home a list of spellings on Friday, which we expect them to learn at home, in readiness for a test on the following week.

This half term...

Our class is already working hard. We are constantly sharpening our arithmetic skills and are currently developing our reasoning abilities as well as improving our problem solving techniques. All of this is learning is currently linked to Place Value, Ordering and Rounding and Negative Numbers but the focus will remain throughout the year regardless of the topics being covered.

Our English curriculum is based around a selection of carefully chosen, high quality texts (from a wide range of authors) which immediately spark the children’s interest and stimulate their creativity

In our English lessons this term, we are reading the brilliant book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. Malorie Blackman, herself a world famous author, described it as ‘The most moving, exciting and thrilling book… I loved it!’ And so will our class if previous pupils' comments are anything to go by!

We are basing much of our vocabulary development, comprehension skills and writing around this interesting and thought provoking text. We are utilising the ‘VIPERS’ approach which enables us to dramatically improve the pupils’ vocabulary and their inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising skills.

Additional Grammar and punctuation lessons will also take place outside the main English sessions too.

In our Topic work, we shall be developing our map work skills by studying Mexico as a contrasting locality to the UK. We shall be learning to identify countries within the continent of North America and will be comparing the features of Mexico’s physical landscapes and climate with those of the United Kingdom. We shall also look at aspects of human Geography within Mexico and the UK.

In Science, we have already begun learning all about ‘Inheritiance and Adaptation’ with Mrs Morgan.

In Art, we have already begun to improve our drawing/sketching skills, beginning with a self- portrait for a classroom PHSE display and we shall of course be using the book ‘Holes’ as inspiration for some of our further projects. We shall be studying the famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo and trying to create our own artwork in a similar style to hers. Also, as part of our Mexico topic, we get to study the famous ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations which is sure to inspire our pupils to create some really colourful artwork.

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