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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together

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Easter Hunt

This morning Year 2 had a Maths Easter Egg hunt during their Maths lesson. The children had to answer mathematical questions and the answers led the children to an Easter egg with the next question. All the children got involved and really tried hard to answer all the questions. They worked as a team and helped each other answer the questions which was lovely to see. Well done Year2. 

Mother's Day

Year 2 planted some beautiful flowers in tea cups this week for Mothers Day. The children had to chose which special someone in their lives they would give the gift too. They each got to choose which plant their special someone would prefer and then all the children took the gift home on Friday ready for Mothers Day. 



During this unit, Year 2 read a variety of poems such as The Fish Who Could Wish by John Bush; Tiger by Usha Kishore; River by June Crebbin and Don’t Call Alligator Long-Mouth Till You Cross River by John Agard.


The children have learnt various poetic techniques such as rhyme, rhythm, repetition and alliteration. They also explored technical terms such as line, stanza, adjectives and kennings.


Year 2 have had lots of fun creating their own kennings for their poems. They aimed to give the reader a clear image of the animal they were describing, without revealing what animal it was, until the end.


They were able to perform their poems at the end of the unit, using expression and movement to make their poems sound exciting.



Here Year 2 were reading facts about the early explorer Ibn Battuta and his travels around the world, then using the map, they pin pointed the countries that he visited on his trips. They labelled each fact to the country that it matched with and identified the continents that they were in.