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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together

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People Who help us- Hospital.

A hospital has been set up in the role play area in Reception class. This links to the topic of People Who Help Us. The children have been learning all about people who help us starting with the police. We are having a visit very soon from the Police so that the children can ask them all about their job and get even more information! This week we are moving onto nurses and doctors and the children are learning so much about how these people help us. They are enjoying playing in the role play area, learning lots of new vocabulary for example- patient, Xray, emergency and receptionist. 



In Reception this half term we have started a new topic, Minibeasts. We are very lucky to have new minibeasts in our classroom. We have made a wormery and every day we are learning a new fun fact all about worms. Mrs Johnson very kindly arranged for Reception class to have stick insects and caterpillars too. This will help develop more of an understanding of minibeasts and encourage observations and investigations. The stick insects have started as eggs and the children are very excited for them to hatch. Lots of discussions have been happening within the classroom and the children are very excited to watch the caterpillars create cocoons and turn into beautiful butterflies. Wow-Lots of exciting observations will be happening down in Reception.

Easter activities

In Reception we completed lots of Easter activities. We created Easter cards for our friends and family and got to go on an Easter Egg Hunt! We found lots of Eggs in our outdoor areas. 


Learning the Easter story

In Reception the children learnt all about the Easter story and then acted out parts of the story. Reception class got to wash each other's feet after walking in sand, just like Jesus did. The children also got recreate the Last Supper by eating bread and drinking grape juice. 

Observational Drawings

The children went into the outdoor area to create some observational drawings of the new flowers that have started growing within our garden. The children all took their time and worked really hard to add lots of detail. Well done Reception. Great drawings. 


What beautiful weather we have been having! Since the weather has been so nice the children have been learning all about shadows and how shadows are created. 


At school last week we had a Mother's Day Afternoon Tea. The children in Reception helped bake some cornflake cakes. They tasted delicious- thank you Reception. 

Continuous Provision

What a lot of fun we have had in Reception. We have been learning all about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk so the children have been drawing giants. We have been learning all about planting which has linked to the season of Spring. The children have planted their own flowers and potatoes and outside in our outdoor area the children have been learning how to care for plants. 

Some of the boys decided to build an plane and take a holiday to Spain. 


In Maths Reception class have been learning all about symmetry. The children designed their own butterfly to help understand how symmetry can be seen and that each side will be the same with objects facing each other. When designing their own butterfly the children used different equipment when creating symmetry. 


This week we have been learning all about Easter in R.E. The children in Reception acted out the story of Palm Sunday by riding on the donkey and waving palm leaves. 

Continuous Provision

We've had lots of fun this week. Mrs Johnson set up the Three Bears Cottage in our role play area after making houses from shapes in Maths.

We had lots of children acting as the bears, goldilocks. We even had porridge oats to explore!  We had houses being built from blocks too in the construction area. We also had a group of boys create their own game using a counting mat and dice. The boys went to find objects to use as counters and created a game- "the first to get to the end wins". Well done Repection. You look like your having lots of fun!


This week in Maths our focus has been shape. We went into our workshop area and created houses using different shapes. We used correct vocabulary when sticking on the shapes to the houses explaining the name of the shapes and giving facts about shapes. 

" Im using a rectangle for a door. A Rectangle has two longer sides."

"Im going to use a square for a window. I need to cut four sides of this paper."

"I need four windows for my house."


Last week in Maths our focus was fewer and more. The children did lots of practical activities to understand the vocabulary and concept. All Reception class worked very hard to complete the activities set and to understand the meaning of fewer and more. Well done- keep it up Reception :) 

Chinese New Year 

We had a focus week all about Chinese New Year. We got to try lots of tasty food. We also made lanterns and cards and made dragons. We learnt lots of stories all about Chinese New Year and watched videos of the celebration. We got to experiment with different textures and noticed that noodles are dry, hard and can snap when dry however when wet they are slimy and sticky. 

Soup making

This week we made our own soup. Since our topic has links to food this half term we helped prepare our own soup. Firstly, we washed all the vegetables. Mrs Johnson had bought us lots and lots. We had peppers, potatoes, carrots, brocolli, butternut squash, courgette, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. Then we peeled and chopped. Some of the vegetables were very hard to chop but we tried our very best. Mrs Johnson told us to be very careful and to watch our fingers!

Next, we added all the chopped vegetables into a very big pan and Mrs Johnson added some hot water and vegetable stock. We then waited and waited and waited for the soup to cook. After that, we used the noisy blender to mix up and squash all the vegetables. It was very loud!

Finally, Mrs Johnson tipped some of the soup into a dish for each of us to try. We got some fresh tasty bread too. All the children thought the soup tasted delicious, some even had two bowls or more!


Our Outdoor Area

We love playing in our outdoor area. We do this daily. Our Mcdonalds Drive Thru is now up and running and the children love using their imagination whilst ordering their food, cooking, using the tills etc. 

Keep looking out for more photos of our amazing outdoor area.

Pebble art for our outside area

The children all decorated a large pebble with an insect for our garden in the outdoor area. The children took their time and all created a fantastic picture on their pebble. We had butterflies, ladybirds, spiders and more. The children enjoy going into the outdoor area and finding their pebbles.

Well done Reception, you all tried very hard to create another amazing decoration for our outdoor area. 

Funky Fingers 

Every morning we have a carousel of activities set up for the children to complete when they arrive at school before  registration. These activities are set to improve hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and social skills. The children complete an activity in the morning before moving on to another activity the next day. It is a relaxing and calming way to start the day whilst all the children come into school and get ready for the fun day ahead!

Creating a Chinese dragon. 

Last week the children all helped to paint a box ready to transform into a Chinese dragon. Once dry, we added eyes and teeth. Finally we added some material to the back of the head of the dragon to create a body. The children enjoy including the dragon into their play. Reception class was asked to bring the dragon into whole school worship, which they all loved!

Reception class should be very proud of the fabulous dragon they have created! Well done. 


In ICT this week we learnt how to log onto Purple Mash. Once we had all logged on we then had to draw a picture trying to use the different tools within the programme.  The children then tried some of the Maths games on Purple Maths too. 

What a lot of fun!

Exploring Ice

Today, Reception class did an experiment all about ice. We wanted to find out how ice melts. We discussed how the ice felt and how ice is made. We had a great discussion about how ice can also be dangerous. We finished by speaking about how long ice can take to melt, how it melts and what happens to the ice when it melts.  

Outdoor learning

We asked the children what they would like to see within their outdoor area. The children had some brilliant ideas.

Firstly, they decided to change the outdoor house into a McDonalds drive thru. We needed to give it a good clean. All the children helped by washing the house and getting rid of all the muck, cobwebs and dirt. 

Secondly, the children said it would be nice to get more insects and bugs, so we decided on creating bug hotels within our garden. The children created lots of different spaces within the garden for the bugs. They used numerous materials to create the hotels from logs, decorated bottles etc. 

The children also decided that it would be a good idea to create bird feeders, especially in the winter when birds may struggle to find food. This was an excellent idea! We created numerous bird feeders to hang around our outdoor area to attract birds but most importantly feed them. We have lots more ideas for our outdoor area. We are currently on with setting up with McDonalds with props and resources and we have a pirate ship being made from the large planters. 

Tree Planting

Last week we helped plant 40 trees around our school. We used spades to dig, we planted the trees then we put long tubes over them to stop animals from eating them. Finally, we supported the trees with sticks to help them grow straight. The children all enjoyed using the spades to dig and numerous children said that it was very fun!

Continuous Provision

We had lots of fun this morning within our Continuous Provision. We had towers being built, rockets being created, nursery rhymes in the Maths room, reading, threading and much more!

The children have worked very hard this morning.

Firstly, the children worked extremely hard in English learning all about question marks and trying very hard to form all their letters and come up with silly questions. Next, the teamwork and encouragement within Continuous Provision was a delight to see. Well done Reception, you superstars!


This week our story of the week is 'Ketchup on your Cornflakes' 

In our English lesson we asked each other silly questions about what we would put with ketchup. We then started writing questions starting with 'do you like' 

Reception class then learnt all about question marks and when they are used. The children had a go at trying to draw a question mark after their question. 

We had some fantastic questions. Do you like jam in lemonade? Do you like ketchup on cake? Do you like jam on a burger?

Well Done Reception

Today we made our own Play Dough

Today Reception class made their own Play dough. They listened well to instructions, measured out ingredients, worked together and used their imagination. The focus was to create food coloured Play Dough. Once the children had made the Play Dough they then went into the malleable materials area and started making different foods. The children used different tools to create their food using the Play Dough. They made buns, biscuits, cakes and muffins. 

Well done Reception. It was lovely to see so much teamwork and kindness within the classroom from following the instructions making the Play Dough, to sharing the tools needed to create your Play Dough food. 


What super Maths Reception Class.!

Linking our Maths activity to Winter, which is this half terms topic, the children had to form numbers depending on how many buttons their snowman had, how many snowflakes were falling from the sky and how many balls of snow their snowmen were made from. This activity within continuous provision is brilliant for supporting counting skills, number formation and fine motor. 

Our focused Maths task today was to create number blocks using cubes, then order them correctly. This activity is also brilliant for fine motor skills as connecting the blocks needs lots of pressure. 

Continuous Provision

 Within continuous provision we have numerous activities set up ready for the children to learn all about winter. In the water tray on Monday we had three huge pieces of ice for the children to investigate and when the children came into school on Tuesday they were surprised to see water. A discussion took place about how when ice melts it turns to water. In fine motor area the children in Reception have to copy the pattern into the blue sand and in the malleable materials area some children made snowmen out of Play Doh. 

What fantastic learning Reception!

Our Song of the Week- Five currant buns!

Our song this week is five currant buns. The children have learnt this nursery rhyme and are now linking this to Maths. Each day the children are given five pennies and when singing the song they buy each bun by putting a penny underneath the picture. This encourages 1-1 correspondence, improves number skills and fine motor. 

Well done Reception Class. 

Our Story of the week- The Giant Jam Sandwich

This week our story has been 'The Giant Jam Sandwich.'

In English today the children discussed which sandwich filling is their favourite. We had some great answers- marmalade, ham and cheese. Yummy! 

The children then wrote the word for their favourite sandwich filling. Tomorrow, the children will discuss and write which sandwich filling would be horrible to eat! 


First week back at forest school!


This week the children took a trip to forest school to explore what had happened to the apples and the leaves on the trees over half term. The children found that some of the apples had fallen to the ground. Some were nice and fresh, ready to be eaten and some had started to show signs of decay or had been eaten by insects and animals.

The children then explored how the enormous amount of rain we have had has affected the ground. They loved being able to jump in the mud and explore how soft the ground was and the noises it made.

Fun in P.E


In P.E the children are learning ball games this half term. During the warm up the children travel in different ways around the room. The children are fantastic at creating different ways of travelling. All the children thoroughly enjoy P.E and enjoy learning new skills.

Well done Reception it is lovely to see you all having lots of fun in P.E 

Music on Monday


Over the last couple of weeks the children have been learning Music on a Monday afternoon. The children have also been to the Music room for some of their music lessons. They loved exploring the sound of instruments and discovering a range of different instruments. The children have learnt new vocabulary including pitch and rhythm. Reception class have also learnt how to copy a Rhythm.


Well done Reception. It has  been wonderful seeing how interested and enthusiastic you are towards your Music lessons.

Outdoor learning. 


Reception class love going to Forest School. They explore the area, run around, complete activities, climb and much more. As a class within the last couple of weeks we have looked for signs of Autumn. The children found conkers, conker shells and leaves falling from the trees. They said this was a sign of Autumn. Last week the children took litter pickers up to Forest School to help collect litter and tidy up. The children enjoyed this responsibility and they were very cross at people dropping litter! 

Our Reception Class joined lots of mums and dads and grandmas and grandads for our annual coffee morning to raise money for the MacMillan Charity. They had lots of fun and plenty of cake, that's for sure! It was lovely to see so many of our own mums who were able to stay and meet each other for the first time. We are looking forward to some of our parents joining us for our Family Forest Fun session on Tuesday 5th October at 2.15pm.