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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together

Home Learning Class 5/6J 11.01.2021

Remote learning for 5/6J for Monday 11th January.

English Lesson


The Patchwork Path. Our New Text! Vocabulary from the first page Think about the word’s ‘slave’, plantation, ‘freedom, quilt and ‘master’, what do these words mean? Can you find a definition? Look in an online dictionary and write the definition in your exercise book or write them in an email and sent it to me. Now look at this picture. Today our main activity is to think about this picture and write down our thoughts and predictions. This task is set as a 2do on purple mash or you can write your ideas in your exercise book and send me a photograph.


I have set a spelling 2do quiz. Check your answers and repeat the ones you got wrong. When you are sure you have done your best you can hand it in and I will mark it. If I send it back to you please do it again.



Who do you think the characters are? Why do you think this?


What are they holding?


When is this set?

Past, present or

future. Why do

You think this?


What do their facial expressions tell us about them? Why do you think this?

When you have finished your prediction have a look at these images of the front cover and the blurb. Write me an email explaining what you think the story is going to be about. Does it have any similarities with Henry’s box which you listened to last week?



If you complete all your work you can watch and listen to the story of Henry’s Freedom Box. Listen right to the end. Did it end as you expected?


Click on this link to listen to it.