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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together


World Faith Week 

Monday 7th February We learned all about Hinduism, what Hindus believe and where they go to worship. We recreated a Hindu shrine in our classroom and performed a puja (Hindu worship ritual) in class. 


We then learned the story of Rama and Sita, which is really important to Hindus as it helps us to understand that light can overcome darkness - the meaning of the Hindu festival, Diwali. We made masks of each of the characters and performed the story in groups for the rest of the class.

Tuesday 8th February

We learned more about Hindu gods and goddesses. We learned that Hindus believe Brahman, the supreme god,  created the world and everything in it. We watched a video where a Hindu boy explained that Hindus worship lots of gods and goddesses, each representing a different role of Brahman. We noticed that no matter how we look - whether it's as a policeman, builder or pirate - we are still the same person. Just like all the other Hindu gods and goddesses may look different, they are still a face of Brahman. We then made a dice with each side showing a different role or face of each of us, whether a footballer, a sister, a helper or good cook! 


We recapped our learning on materials and their properties by playing a game of odd one out. We were shown a number of objects and had to decide which one was the odd one out and why. We then played a matching game and matched the properties on our vocabulary cards to different objects around the room. 

Design Technology


We started our learning on vehicles and how they all need a chassis, wheels and axles to move. We then used construction toys to make our own moving vehicles and investigate how they moved. 

As we are starting our moon buggy project soon, we looked at the different ways we could finish our vehicles to make them more appealing. We each had a turn using different materials to cover cardboard boxes, selecting the one we think will be best to use for our own vehicles.