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Reception Class

Hello children. I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. I sent home a pack of things for you all to be keeping busy with. You need to try and do something every day so that you can keep learning even though you won’t be coming into school for a while. I would love it if you did a little bit of writing every day, letting me know all the things that you are doing. I will read them when I see you again.

Parents, when the children are practising their letter formation, it is really important that they form them correctly so that they are not practising bad habits that will stay with them for a long time. The children have all been taught the correct formation but some of them still start them in the wrong place or do them backwards. A little bit of practice every day will really help.

I have included one maths activity in the pack and will provide more when further packs are provided. In the meantime, there is so much you can do at home to provide maths activities. The children have just learned how to add and subtract and have been recording additions with the + and = symbols for a while. However, we have only just started recording subtractions so this was something I was focussing on next. If you are going to provide some calculations at home – which is something they absolutely love- then please keep to numbers up to 10 to begin with and increase to 20. Please don’t exceed 20 as this is something they do in Year 1. They will need counting equipment such as pennies or pieces of pasta (If you’ve got any in the current climate!).

It is so sad that we have to be communicating like this for the time being but hopefully we will all be together soon.

Love to you all

Mrs Abram

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