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Morning everyone,

Thank you to all those who completed the work yesterday and for those which handed in their 2do's on Purple Mash. Remember...... Don't rush through your work, we have plenty to do.


For our reading task today I would like you to follow the link:


and listen to David Walliams audio book. Sit back and relax and just listen. When it has finished, look in your pack at the 'Reading Task Sheet' and complete Reading Task 1- Task A, C and D (if you cannot follow the link, complete these tasks based on a book you had already read.)


Firstly, I would like you to read through your work from yesterday and edit it. How could you make it better? Maybe read it to an adult and ask them.

Add a final paragraph to your work. Would you visit the town again? Why/ why not? What did the animals do when you left?

Next please complete your purple mash 2 do Sam and Pat play Ball.


Next, page 3 of your Maths booklet please. Have a go and if you need any help send me an email.

Afternoon exercise time! Follow the link, lets keep active!!



Debate time. Please complete the 2 do's Footballer Doctor Debate. Think about your debate, what points would you make? Imagine you were debating with someone what points could they say?

If you finish this, there is another 2 do- A blank debate template. You can create your own debate question?

Have a lovely day and try your best.

Any problems contact me on Purple Mash

Miss Connearn


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