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Morning everyone,

Hope all is going well! Thursday already, getting towards the end of our first week away from school. Again thank you to those who have been completing your work, both the packs and purple mash. I have checked the work which has been handed in on there. If you haven't yet, have a look at some of the 2do's I have set.


Today I would like you to choose one of the reading comprehensions from your pack. Read through it and answer the questions on the sheet. Remember, answer in full sentences and use your VIPERS skills that we practice in class (vocabulary, inference, prediction, explain, retrieval and summary). Keep this in your pack when complete.


Today I would like you to look in your pack at the second writing opportunity, The Coming Storm.

Read the introduction on your sheet.

You are now going to write a setting description imagining the storm taking over (which is quite difficult with all this lovely weather!) Use the picture to gather ideas about what to write, the clouds, the sky, the mountains, the road, the rain, the thunder and lightening.

How would this make you feel? Use exciting vocabulary and think about similes and metaphors.


In your pack I included two booklets, we have been working through our Spring Maths booklets the last few days. Today I would like you to have a look at the other booklet. Have a go at the first page of this. Use your small writing book to do any working out and write the answer on the sheet.

These question will involve you problem solving and can have more than one step to find the answer.

Have a go! Use your reasoning skills. If you get stuck ask an adult or send me an email.


Exercise time! Choose a few different exercises and create your own little gym session for 20 minutes. This could be star jumps, use a step to do step aerobics or jogging on the spot. Imagine you are leading a gym session.

Next, I have set you a research task in the 2 do's- Planet profile. As we were due to move onto space in class I would like us to have a go at this. Use the internet to research 3 plants of your choice. Make notes in your book or on a piece of paper and then produce a planet profile on each on Purple Mash.

Describe key features and how close each one is to the sun. I will look forward to reading these as Space is one of my favourite Science topics!

If you finish early enjoy some quiet reading time, in the house or in your garden/ yard.

Have a lovely day! Try your best! Stay safe!

Remember to help out the adults in your house whenever you can, this is all new for them too.

Miss Connearn


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