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Continue to choose an activity from the pack and access Joe Wicks PE lesson daily.

English: You should be reading regularly and trying to read any books you have in your house but this could also include regular reading of magazines, comics and also listening to podcasts or story time on the internet.

Storytime online:


David Walliams daily story time. Everyday at 11am you can sit down and listen to David Walliams audio reading of stories from 'The World's Worst Children'. Theres also some great free resources on the webiste to keep you busy.


Task: I would like you to choose your favourite story and do a book review on it. Things to include:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Age that it's suitable for.

  • Description of the story/plot.

  • Details about your favourite parts and why you like them.

  • Would you recommend the book and why?

  • Rating out of 10.

  • Picture of something connected with the story.

Remember to punctuate your sentences correctly.

Maths: Today I would like you to look at measure.

Use the link to open an interactive measuring activity that lets you practise measuring lines of different lengths. Ask an adult if you're not sure how to line up the ruler with the line. Have a go at several examples.

If you have a ruler at home you could use that and if you don't you could measure using a small toy of the same size e.g. some small blocks, marbles, cubes etc You could make predictions about how long different items in your house are and then measure them using a ruler or measure how many marbles long it is.

Examples of things you could choose are, books, pens, spoon, small teddy etc

In the afternoon:

You could focus on Maps. I would like you draw a simple map of your bedroom. The easiest way to do this if from a birds eye view. You could draw what is in your room and draw what is looks like from someone looking down on it. You need to think of the size of things in relation to each other. Then you could label them or create a key and colour code each item and record what it is in a box in the corner of your map.

This map could be kept in your pack.

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Lek


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