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Good morning Reception Class,

It is my turn to be in school today so I get to see people other than Mr Abram and Jess. I am very excited about that. Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Worden are working with me today so we can catch up with each other and find out what we have been doing since we saw each other last.

I hope that you all had a go at some of the adding and taking away calculations that I asked you to do yesterday. You can do some more of those today and use whatever you like as counting equipment. You can even use your fingers if you can’t find anything else. If you are calculating with numbers up to 20, you will have to borrow someone else’s fingers too!

Your next activity is to have a really good look at this picture. Isn’t it funny, having all of those animals hanging out of a camper van?!

I want you to write a little story about these animals. Here are a few things for you to think about:

  • How did the animals escape from the zoo?

  • Where are they going to?

  • What will they do when they get there?

  • How will the zookeepers get them back?

Have fun writing your story and keep them so that I can read them when we all get back to school.

Have a great day,

Mrs Abram

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