So far this term and our Skipton Castle Trip

We have had a fantastic term so far with lots of learning taking place. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to two of our girls as both have now moved away to different areas and gone to new schools. However, we welcomed 3 more children to our class just before Christmas and are delighted.

As a small group, we are all pretty close and it is sad when our friends leave but very exciting when we get new children joining us. We are very lucky to have Mr Mulla joining us this term too as he completes his EYFS placement here at Holy Trinity. He hasn’t taught such young children before but is very much looking forward to it.This half term we will be learning about castles and how people used to live in medieval Britain. We will be learning about knights and Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies as well as what life was like for the servants who waited on people, hand and foot. Of course you can’t learn about castles and knights without learning about dragons and damsels in distress so we will be reading and writing our own fairy tales too.We launched the topic with a visit to Skipton Castle in the first week of term. We had a

fantastic time and learned so much. The scariest part was being locked in the dungeon and having the lights turned off even if it was only for a few seconds!

This was originally the kitchen. Our guide is telling us all about how the cook would provide food for all the people living inside Skipton Castle. The fireplace in front of us would have a whole pig or a sheep roasting on a spit. A small child would have to stand there all day, turning the meat and making sure that it didn’t burn. They would get burned though!

There were lots of spiral staircases leading to tall towers. We kept on going up and up. From the top, we could see all of Skipton through the window.

This was the toilet!! Everything would just fall into the water beneath the hole!

The children are looking a bit scared here – that’s because we are going down the stairs into the dungeons. They were pitch black.

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