March 24, 2020

Tuesday 24th March


Hi all,


Hope we all enjoyed our work yesterday. If you didn't start yesterday please open up your packs today, and remember, this is your time to take ownership of your learning. Some of your emails yesterday suggested that we may be trying to rush through our learning packs. There is enough work in there to last us at least two weeks, if we complete it sensibly to the best of our ability. Please do not be in a hurry to finish everything straight away. 



For our reading task today I would like you to read for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes I would like you to describe, in your own words, what is happening and what the books is about. To complete this task we will be using the S from our VIPERS. S is for summary. Just a short paragraph and remember the date.



Yesterday I asked you to plan your first piece of writing, from the 'writing opportunities' sheet I gave you, Animal Town. This included collecting vocabulary for each animal in the picture, to plan a paragraph on each. Today we will start writing. Read the starter paragraph from the sheet and imagine you are a visitor to this town. 

Describe the setting and 3 of the animals you planned. Use the internet as a thesaurus to find exciting adjectives. Read your work to someone at home and edit.



Hopefully yesterday we completed page 1 of our booklet. If you need any help with this or want to check you did it right please email me through purple mash. Before our next task I would like you to complete the '2do- fractions, decimals and percentages.' This will recap learning.  After this complete page 2 in the booklet. Take your time to read the instructions. Have a go!



Firstly, have fun completing this 5 minute work out


Follow the link, lets keep active. 

Next, put your Science head on and complete the '2do- What happens during exercise?' 

Why is exercise important for our bodies to keep healthy?  What happens to the our heart during exercise?  


Any problems contact me on Purple Mash


Enjoy your day.

Miss Connearn


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