March 26, 2020

This morning have a look at this picture. Talk to someone about what you can see. I choose it because it is from Jack and the beanstalk and I was wondering if our bean plants would grow this tall!!

Read this story starter and then try to answer the questions in your blue book.




Story starter!

Jack had been climbing for most of the morning. Step after slippery step, he had made his way up to the top of the beanstalk. Several times, when the wind picked up, he had feared he might lose his footing and fall to his death. He had dared to look down on one occasion, seeing that his house was the size of an ant far below.

Now that he had finally reached his goal and clambered up to the land of the giants, Jack had no idea what to do next.

‘FEE, FI, FO, FUM…” a voice as loud as a foghorn boomed out from high above him. Jack took a deep breath...

Question time!

Has the giant seen Jack?

How might Jack feel at this moment?

Would you rather be the giant or Jack?

Would you rather be a giant in a land of humans, or a human in a land of giants?

What/who else lives in the land of the giants?

Why do giants live apart from humans?

Sentence challenge

'Big’ and ‘small’ are adjectives to describe the giant and Jack. Can you think of synonyms (words that have the same or similar meaning) for ‘big’ and ‘small’?

Can you write a sentence to describe Jack or the giant, using some of your synonyms?


​After this have a break and then spend some time trying the rounding activities in your maths pack. Remember that if a number is past 5 we round up and if it is less than 5 we round down.


This afternoon read your book or listen to another David Walliams story on his website. Try one of the activities in the reading task booklet. Choose one that you would like to do for one of the books you have read or the story you have heard. 


If you have any spare time complete your purple mash tasks. I have really enjoyed looking at your spring pictures. Maybe you could draw me another one of a huge beanstalk! 


Remember that you can always complete the PE lesson on body coach TV. Send me a message telling me how you are spending our days.


I love hearing from you.


Have a good day.

Mrs Jenkins.😊

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