Continue with an activity from your pack and Joe Wicks PE Lesson. I am expecting you to be super fit by the time we come back.

English/RE: As you are missing the run up to Easter, I have set a 2do task for you to learn about the Easter story on purple mash. You then need to write a letter to friend describing what happened.

Maths: I hope you had a go at measuring at home. Continue you with that using this interactive tool. Press on the link and measure the items.

If you do have access to a ruler a good task to do is to see if you can draw lines using the ruler to different lengths e.g. can you draw a line that is 13cm long? Try these 8cm, 18cm, 12 and half cm, 4 and half cm.

In the afternoon:

Check purple mash for a 2do on designing your own Easter egg. Think lovely patterns and creative uses of colour.

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