Hello everybody.

Thank you to everyone who sent me questions for Mrs Lynch about the tortoises. I will send them to her and collect her answers this afternoon. This morning can you have a look at the Easter story from yesterday again and can you try to write a poem about the events and feelings connected to it. Write it like the one we did in class. Make the first line start with E, the second with A, the third with S and so on. This type of poem is called an acrostic poem. Write it out in your blue book and then you could type it out and send it to me on Purple mash.

After a break could you look at the shape work I have set on purple mash or complete your maths workbooks? How are you getting on with these? Let me know if you have finished and I can sent you some more.

This afternoon I want you to look at the photograph. Mrs Worden and I planted your beans in our allotment yesterday. Look how they have grown!

Have a look at this link or ask a grown up. I would like your suggestions for other plants we could put in. Which ones do you think we should grow next and why. E mail me your suggestions and I will let you know which ones are the most popular.

If you have any spare time practice the song ready for our first assembly back and keep fit with Joe Wicks. He is doing a fancy dress work out on Friday!

Keep reading your books. If you are running out then send me an email and I will have a think about how to get new books to you.

Stay in touch

Mrs Jenkins

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