CLASS 5/6C HOME LEANING 01.04.2020

Morning everyone!

Wednesday already, the middle of our school week!

Hope you all managed to have a go at writing our letters yesterday.


Today I would like you to choose one of your remaining comprehensions from your learning pack and complete it. Take your time and remember VIPERS. If you have already finished this then read for 15 minutes and choose 2 reading tasks to complete from your sheet.


In English today I would like you to write the story you planned on Monday-the little boy peeping through the fence into a new world. Look at your plan, use the exciting vocabulary and take your time. Remember, I would like to see Year 5 and 6 vocabulary. Think about your portal story we did in class, can you magpie ideas.

If you have finished this I would like you to check for any English, including grammar and spelling, 2 do's on Purple Mash..


Choose a task in your Maths booklet that you haven't completed and have a go at it.

On Purple Mash have a go at the fractions game, start on the 1st level and see if you can progress.

After this could you write out some additions of fraction which add up to a whole 1.

Next, have a go at the Fractions Equivalence Quiz in your 2 do's. Try and bet your scores!

Challenge- Can you draw a fraction wall in your books. Maybe use the internet to help you.


Could you start off by discussing some of the points stated below with someone at home, or make notes by yourself.

Next have a go at answering the questions.

My question- How have we shown or appreciation for the NHS in the UK during this time? Think of two ways.

Also, don't forget to have a go at today's Joe Wicks workout on youtube!

Well done everybody! Keep up the good work!

Remember I am on Purple Mash email if you need anything at all!

Miss Connearn

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