Good morning everybody and welcome to the first day of April.

Day 8 of the Maths ‘ten in ten booklet’ is the expectation today and only 3 days to do. I hope you all have been doing the expected learning everyday. If you haven’t looked yet, log in to purple mash and have a go or two on the set tasks - one involves steering a caterpillar/snake around some numbers. It’s fun to play so have a go.

I have added a spelling list to go with the activity set on purple mash. You will need to either print the sheet off and answer on the sheet or if you don’t have access to a printer, you need to copy the words into your exercise book and complete the task in there.

SPELLING 1st attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd attempt











In your exercise book, copy and complete the above words and add it into a table. Use a dictionary to find the meaning of each word and write the definition in your book.

  • Write sentences using each word correctly. Remember you are in year 6 so the sentences should reflect this e.g. The puppy was adorable is not an age related sentence for someone in Year 6. Think about how you could expand the sentence and make it a sentence a Year 6 pupil would be proud of.

  • Find synonyms (similar) of the words: ancient sought adorable deceive.

  • Find antonyms (opposite) of the words: efficient, thorough.

  • Think about your presentation/handwriting. Remember, it is not a race to finish first so take your time and produce some great quality work.

You should have finished the comprehension sheets included in your pack by now – if not, then please have a go at them. I have tried to set another one up on purple mash but it won’t allow me to just yet. In the meantime remember to have a go at the reading tasks that work for any book you have read.

I hope you have been having a go at the writing tasks, using the pictures for inspiration. If not, then have a go – it is important to keep in the habit of writing and not just completing work on a computer. Remember you can always write some diary entries about how you are feeling and what you are doing during the school closure but obviously, due to social distancing, we are not doing very much outside the house.

Don’t forget to try improve your drawing skills by using the paint programme to create some great art work. If you’d like to design your own space craft/vehicle/rocket then please do so or perhaps you would like to come up with your own ideas for a picture. You may want to do three or four drafts to get to the final completed version. Artists very rarely like their first attempts and seek to improve them.

And remember to find a quiet 20 minutes to read your book too.

Keep healthy

Mr A.

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