Morning all,

Maths/Exercise: I've put some links to some fun active times table learning. Press on the link and see if you can keep up with them. 5 times table Numberjacks 5 times table rap.

Hopefully you've been having a go at measuring using the interactive games but also if you have a ruler at home having a go practically.

Today I'd like you to have a look at capacity (how much something can contain/hold).

Watch this video and it will explain in a fun way a bit more about different types of measure.

KS1 Maths: Capacity & Volume - BBC Teach

Professor Pipette explains measurements used to calculate capacity and volume, with this fun song and movement routine for a maths class. The song covers when to use grams, kilograms, litres ...

This bbc bitesize video and activity will explain a little more about capacity.

Capacity Activity: Have a go at this measuring activity. Use the scale on the rocket to measure how much it is filled by.

If you're allowed and you have access to some measuring jugs, empty bottles or some containers. Fill them up with water and then pour the water into the measuring jug and use the scale to read the capacity of the bottle. Ask an adult first.

English: Sticking with the EASTER theme. I would like you to have a go at writing a poem about Easter an acrostic one is a good idea. Each line must start with a word beginning with that letter. I would try to use idea connected with Easter and adjectives or alliteration to make it more interesting.




Hopefully you have been keeping up with Joe Wicks to keep yourself active but another idea would be to create your own fitness circuit. You could take some ideas from Joe Wicks and create your own and include 30 seconds-1minute of different exercises such as running, star jumps, jumping over a rolled up towel, skipping, crawling etc

Don't forget to build in some rests in between each exercise. Test it out on a brother or sister if you have one.


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