Good morning everyone.

How did you get on with your Easter Poems yesterday? Read it back to yourself today and check it makes sense. Can you improve it and write it out again, or type it into an e mail to me?

Do you remember making the collages of trees in class learning how to sketch trees in our art books? Well, yesterday I heard an interview with the artist David Hockney who is at his home in France. He has been sketching the trees in his garden as they start to grow new buds, blossom and leaves now that it is spring time. Have a look. What do you think?

He drew them on his I Pad. Could you draw me a picture of a spring tree paying attention to the small buds and tiny leaves as well as the different shapes and sizes of the branches. David Hockney says that the tree reminds him of new beginnings and new life. Our Easter story is about that too. Can you find out why Christians decorate and eat eggs at Easter time. Write about it in your blue book.

If we were in class we would be learning our 6 times table as well as remembering all the others. Can you write out the facts in the 6 times table in your blue book? Then practice on purple mash or maths factor. Try saying the answers as you run up the stairs or clap your hands!

This afternoon try one of the geography activities Mrs German has put on our class page. Let me know which one you did.

Keep reading or listen to another David Walliams story here

Complete another of the reading tasks in your leaflet based on the story you listen to.

Have a lovely day

Stay in touch

Mrs Jenkins 😊

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