Morning everyone!

Today's tasks 🙂


Your reading task today is on Purple Mash, a book called The Settlers in your 2 do's. This is chapter one. Read it then also in your 2 do folder is a multiple choice quiz based on the chapter with comprehension questions. Read the chapter and answer all the questions.


Today I would like you to write a diary entry about your week so far. Remember a diary is informal and includes thoughts and feelings.

Imagine in the future the children at Holy Trinity will read your diary, using it as a historical source to explore this period in time.

Describe what is happening, let them know why this year is different to a normal school year. Why are we staying home? What happens on a Thursday evening at 8pm? Why do we do that? Is school open or shut or partially open? Why are children making rainbows and putting them in their windows?


Lets have a break from the Maths booklets and answer the questions below.

These are 2 step questions- find the price THEN find out how much change they would get. Do they have enough money?

Challenge for when you finish- Create your own worded question using the take away me nu below.


Remember in class when we did art inspired by David Hockney for our class display? Well yesterday he was on the news.

David Hockney is in lockdown at his house in Normandy with his dog Ruby and two of his long-standing assistants, JP and Jonathan.

He is in the garden most days, drawing the spring awakening on his iPad.

Here are some examples of his recent artwork.

Could you have a go at drawing a Spring inspired picture in the style of David Hockney? You could simply copy one of his pictures or choose a scene or picture to draw.

I would love to see some of them so please keep them.

Also, don't forget to have a go at today's Joe Wicks workout on youtube!

Keep working hard everybody!

Remember I am on Purple Mash email if you need anything at all!

Miss Connearn

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