Hello everyone,

Here are a few ideas for today’s learning at home.

Day 9 of the Maths ‘ten in ten booklet’ is the expectation today and only 2 days to do. I hope you all have been doing the expected minimum ten minutes of maths learning everyday. I have also added a maths to do on purple mash covering long multiplication of 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers which I would like you to have a go at.

Parents and carers – you may wish to supplement these maths activities when they have completed the purple mash task, by creating some maths questions of your own for the children to attempt.

Practice with multiplication tables and long multiplication is always a good idea and in Year 6 we tend to focus on a three digit number multiplied by a two digit number e.g. 134 x 56. Calculations like this really test times table knowledge and the application of a standard method. Start with smaller numbers as per the example above and then move to the more challenging tables e.g. 189 x 87 when the pupil is confident.

Reading comprehension is now in the form of an English ‘to do’ based on the electronic book ‘Serpents of the Nebula’. I have included the electronic multiple choice questions as a ‘to do’ and also list some questions for the children to answer in their exercise book below.

Serpents of the Nebula Chapter 1 Tasks


1. Choose the correct spellings to complete the sentence below and write the sentence in your book.

Tazz was an (observant/observant) boy and had (frequantly/frequently) seen a space serpent (confidantly/confidently) flying round the ship against the colourful nebula.

2. Which sentence uses the colon correctly? Choose one and copy it into your book.

Tazz liked lots of plants in the garden the bushy shrubs: the red leafy trees and the various flowers.

Tazz liked: lots of plants in the garden the bushy shrubs, the red leafy trees and the various flowers.

Tazz: liked lots of plants in the garden the bushy shrubs, the red leafy trees and the various flowers.

Tazz liked lots of plants in the garden: the bushy shrubs, the red leafy trees and the various flowers.

3. What is the name of the punctuation marks on either side of the words whirling around like a feather in the wind in the sentence below?

She was in trouble too, whirling around like a feather in the wind, heading for the hole. _________________

4. Insert a semicolon in the correct place in the sentence below. Write it in your books.

The children had only seconds to live they were about to tumble into space.

5. Rewrite the sentence below so that it is in the passive voice.

The wind lifted him and carried him towards the hole.

Open-Ended Questions

1. Look at the first paragraph of the story. Find and copy one word that means a person or thing acting or serving in place of another.

2. Why was Tazz a boy who hardly ever smiled?

3. Why did Tazz think that all the other children on the ship should respect him?

4. Why do you think the author chose to use the phrase whirling around like a feather in the wind to describe the way that the girl was moving?

5. The girl pointed Tazz towards the box with the word emergency on it. What do you think might be inside the box?

Chapter Sequencing

List the events in the order in which they happened numbering them from 1 to 5. The first is done for you.


A girl approached Tazz and asked him a question.

Tazz admired a shiny sculpture of the ship.

The sound of an explosion tore through the air.

Tazz gazed up through the glass dome and stared in wonder at a long and colourful creature.

Tazz felt cross with himself.

I will endeavour to add extra chapters daily.

If you’ve not seen this already you may wish to have a go at this Geography challenge over Easter. You could take a double page spread in your exercise book and have a go at drawing two pictures a day perhaps.

I hope you all found the spelling task on yesterday’s page and had a go at it. If not scroll back and have a look.

Don’t forget to find time to have a quiet read for 20 mins of a book of your choice and if you finish a book, why not complete one of the

reading tasks off the sheet included in your pack.

Also check to see if you have completed the writing tasks using the picture prompts from your pack. If not, you could have a go at one of those. If you have you could perhaps revisit them and edit/redraft to try and improve your first attempt.

I’m sure this will keep you busy enough for today.

Have fun and stay safe.

Mr A

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