Hope you are all in full Easter swing with the activities that were set yesterday.

Hopefully you are all doing regular reading at home but just to let you know that you can access book banded reading books following tis oxford owl website link. You should be able to register for free and access all the ebooks which are tablet friendly.

There are many reading activities that could be done based on their reading.

English: J.K. Rowling has set up a website. So I would like you to check it out and see if you could complete some of the activities. Then I would like you to get in to the magical mindset and have a think of spells that you would cast if you could, would it be a spell of invisibility or perhaps use you wand to give you the ability to fly.

When you have decided what magical spell you would cast, I would like you to write about what you did once it was cast. Include: How you did it? Where did you go? Who did you see? What happened?

Maths: Continuing from yesterday using scales to measure I would like you to practise filling the thermometer up at different amounts and reading off what it measures on the scale. Follow the link to take you to an interactive thermometer.

Ask an adult to set the scale to go up to different amounts and have different intervals. See if you can work out the difference.

Extra task: If an adult has time and the resources you could practise in the kitchen measuring out amounts to make something e.g. baking cupcakes

Afternoon: On purple mash I have set some 2do’s on plants a flower labelling game and evergreen or deciduous quiz to complete.

Art: Go on to purplemash and see 2do task to paint a spring scene using ‘2paintapicture’ app.

Spellings to practise

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