Good morning everybody!

This would have been our last day before the holidays if we were in school. I have been talking to Mrs Lucas and Mrs Lynch and we have come up with some small projects for you to try over the next two weeks. As well as these I hope that you will keep reading. Look at the links to David Walliams or search for audio books to listen to. You can download an ebook of a reading book, at the right book band for you, at this address. If you can't remember what colour you were on just send me an e mail and I will let you know.

Once you have chosen a book you can choose any of the activities in your reading task booklet to complete. I will keep putting the next chapter of our book on Purple Mash which we can all read together.


Mrs Lucas has created this self-watering planter for you to make. You just need a bottle, some soil and some seeds. Can you look carefully at the photographs she has sent and try to make one. If you can't get soil or seeds you could make one and bring it to school when we get

back and we will plant some salad leaves in it for the classroom.


Have a look at this letter from Fleur. You could make a cross out of paper or card and decorate it, or you could design one on Purple Mash.

They would make a wonderful display when we get back.


Mrs Lynch has answered some of your questions about the tortoises. I have written the answers out for you underneath. Can you use these answers, the photographs and any other information that you can find online to create a non-fiction leaflet about tortoises? You could set it out as a poster or a booklet called "All about tortoises." Remember to use sub-headings and interesting vocabulary. You can include information about Mrs Lynch's tortoises as well as general information about the animals that you find out for yourself. If you have any more questions for Mrs Lynch she would be happy to answer them. Just email us on Purple Mash. These are the questions and answers we have had so far:

What are they called? George and Zippy.

How old are they? George is 18 and Zippy is 13 years old.

What do they like to eat? They both love lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mango and dandelion leaves. Their favourite food is mango although they don't have it very often as we don't eat it as a family very often.

What type of tortoises are they? They are both Hermanns tortoises and although Zippy is younger he is the biggest.

How big are they? Have a look at the photos and diagram Mrs Lynch sent.

Connor wanted to know what their eyes looked like. I hope you can see in the photograph.

Remember to keep checking Purple Mash. I will not be sending daily work for the next couple of weeks as it is a holiday but have a go at the things above and look back at the posts I have written on our class page over the last two weeks. I am sure there will be things that you have missed. If there is anything left in your home pack you can finish that off over the next two weeks. You can still email me on Purple Mash. I check it every day and love hearing from you and looking at what you have done.

Have a lovely Easter.

Stay indoors, stay safe and stay in touch.

Mrs Jenkins 😊

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