Well, it’s Friday and the end of the second week; the Easter Holidays are upon us. How quickly did those two weeks go by? As it is the Easter holidays, I won’t be setting daily tasks for you to do but I would advise you to keep visiting purple mash for things to do.

Today is the last day of your 10 in 10 maths challenge. You know what to do by now and hopefully you have successfully completed the previous 9 days. If not, then try to do them over the holidays if you can. I have also added another multiplication 2 do for today on purple mash.

The second chapter of the electronic book ‘Serpents of the Nebula’ is also on purple mash and the digital multiple choice questions. The grammar, sequencing and open-ended questions are shown below. These will have to be completed in your exercise book.

Serpents of the Nebula - Chapter 2

1. Choose the correct spellings to complete the sentences below and then copy the sentences into your book.

The ship’s (precious/pretious) sculpture drifted into space towards the (vicious/vitious) space serpents. Tazz

and Julam argued. They blamed each other for not being more (causcious/cautious) with the anti-gravity tray.

2. Put a tick (or a cross) at the end of each sentence to show whether the commas are used correctly.

(You will have to copy them into your book first.)

Tazz, who really did wish he could stop himself being so mean, sighed.

The packs filled, with space, suits and visors saved the children’s lives.

Tazz knew that the girl had saved his life, but they would not be alive for long.

Surprisingly the, tentacles didn’t, squeeze sting or hurt the children.

3. Copy this sentence into your exercise book and then circle all the prepositions in the sentence.

Rubbery fabric automatically wrapped itself around the children and visors slid over their faces.

4. Copy the bullet points into your exercise book and then put these events in the order in which they happened in the story, numbering them from 1 to 5.

The children blamed each other for losing the antigravity tray.

The children activated their emergency packs and were soon wearing pressurised spacesuits.

An enormous space serpent made its way towards Tazz and Julam.

Rather than reassuring Julam, Tazz said that they were about to die.

They tumbled through space amongst the debris from the ship.

Answer these questions in your exercise book:

5. Look at the first paragraph of the chapter. How did the suits protect the children? Give two ways.

6. Look at the paragraph beginning Just then, he became aware… to the paragraph ending …swirling colours of the nebula. What impressions of the serpent do you get from this part of the story? Give two.

7. Tazz is a sociable type of character. Is this statement true or false? Use evidence from the story to give a reason for your answer.

8. What would Tazz like to do for a job when he’s older?

9. Why do you think that the serpent sent the children spinning out into space towards the HMS Horizon?

I have also added a writing task based on this chapter called ‘The Story Continues’ so please have a go at completing this assignment. It is important that you keep writing. You can complete this task on a computer and send it to me via purple mash. Use the writing prompts at the side to help you with your composition.

How about having a go at this Science and Design Technology task?

Can you create the solar system? This task will require research and creativity.

This could be through artwork or using your design technology skills to make a model.

Look at some of the examples below for some ideas.

Take a picture of your design- you could e mail it in.

Don’t forget to tune in to Joe Wicks’ daily exercise videos ‘PE with Joe’ - Monday to Friday at 9 a.m. – he’ll keep you active during the holiday.

Have a great Easter.

Stay safe.

Mr A.

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