Morning all,

Hope you had a nice Easter break spending quality time with your families. Hopefully you got lots of chocolate eggs to make you feel a bit better about not being able to go out and about during the holidays.

I will be resuming setting up home learning daily so don’t forget to check the class page on the schools website and purple mash for tasks. Also a reminder that Joe Wicks is still posting daily PE lessons at 9am and it’s a great way to start your day. Visit the bodycoach website.


It is a new half term and we are focussing on a new class novel called ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’by Ronda and David Armitage. I would like you to follow the link and listen to the story. Before listening, look at the front cover and make a prediction on what you think will happen in the story. Light house keeper’s lunch story.

Listen to the story again and write down any words that you do not recognise e.g. brazen, ingenious, consolingly. Using a dictionary look up their definitions or use google to find out what they mean. Write the definitions out and see if you can use those words correctly in a sentence or two.


Time-Today I would like you to watch the bbc bitesize video explaining how to tell the time, then complete the activity underneath to check you have understood. bbc bitesize video

Then I would like you to follow the link to find the teaching clock. Practise setting these times: teaching clock

3 o’clock

Half past 5

12 o’clock

Half past 2

Half past 7

If you are more confident with this ask an adult at home to tell you to set some different times on the clock, perhaps move on to quarter past the hour too.


New Science topic is – Animals including humans

To kick this off I would like you to create a poster explaining everything you know about animals including ourselves. To help I would like you to think about these questions:

What do we look like? What body parts have we got? Do all animals look the same? How do we work? What do we need work and to live? How do different animals carry on living and making more?

This can be done on the purple mash 2do I have set using the app 2publish-blank template or you could design your own poster on paper and take a picture of it and email it to me via purplemash. Or just keep it in your pack. I would like some creative pictures and lots of information on there.

For extra work: Go on to purple mash. Follow the link under features at the side that says ‘Weekly Activities’. Select Ages 5-7yrs and then week 2. There are activities for everyday of the week which you could work through.


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