English This half term we would have been reading The Iron Man, so let’s listen to the first chapter here: and answer the following questions in your book. 1. Why is the Iron man compared to a house? 2. The Iron man falls off the cliff, which part of him breaks off first? 3. What did the seagulls think was a strange kind of crab? 4. Do you think the Iron Man is a good or a bad character? Explain why. 5. Be a ‘Word Detective’ and search for examples of powerful verbs in Chapter 1. Ted Hughes uses some really interesting action words to describe the movements and state of the Iron Man. Some good examples are ‘toppling’ and ‘tumbling’. See how many you can find! Can you sort them into verbs that describe activity and verbs that describe stillness? Maths Time (O’Clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to) Telling the time on an analogue clock can be tricky. Sometimes it can be easier to learn the time by introducing one hand at a time. Make your own clock from card or paper and try telling the time to o’clock and half past, using only the hour hand. Or look at a clock if you have one Link to video on telling the time to o’clock and half past: Then complete the purple mash 2do time quiz. In the afternoon make a robot out of recycled materials- this can be an ongoing project. Finally have a look at this live interactive music lesson: Mrs Grady

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