Welcome back to our daily learning!

I hope that you have all had a good Easter and that you managed to do some holiday activities. This week I will be getting in touch with you all and letting you know about our new home learning packs. They will be full of new challenges and books for you to read and write in. Hopefully they will be with you by the end of the week so until then here are some tasks for today.

Have you seen this man on the news? You can read about him at this link.

Captain Tom Moore completes 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS - CBBC Newsround -

Captain Tom Moore has completed his fundraising challenge and raised more than £17 million for the NHS. His challenge of walking 100 laps around his 25-metre garden ended on Thursday morning and ...

His name is Captain Tom Moore and he has raised more than 20 million pounds for the NHS by walking around his garden even though he is 100 years old! He will be celebrating his 100th birthday this week so today I thought that we would concentrate on that fact.

Can you write the number 100 in the middle of a piece of paper an then fill the paper with as many calculations with the answer 100? They could be simple facts like 10x10 or 99+1 or you could write more complicated word problems. Be as imaginative as you can be.

Next can you write a birthday message to Captain Tom. You could make a birthday card or write him a thank you letter. If you do it on a piece of paper you could send it to me at school or write it as an email on Purple Mash. Any I get I will put in one envelope and send to Captain Tom.

This afternoon check the book I set on Purple Mash. Have you read it all? What did you think? Complete the book review and send it in to me. We need to keep going with out times tables so have a go on maths factor or multiplication monster. Which table do you need to work on? Write it out three times in your blue book.

Finally, as we think about saying thank you to Captain Tom and the people who work in our hospitals have a think about people around you who you want to say thank you to. Make them a little thank you note /card and give it to them if they live with you or ask an adult to help you send it by post or email. Thank you for reading my message.

I will see you soon.

Stay in touch.

Mrs Jenkins.

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