Monday 20th April

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a great Easter break and are ready for some more activities and tasks to complete.

I have set a number of 2 dos on purple mash for today and I will be producing another pack of materials for you to complete at home in the next few days so watch out for that.

Your reading, Comprehension and Grammar tasks are based on chapter three of the book ‘Serpents of the Nebula’ on purple mash. Read the chapter carefully and then refer to the text to complete the tasks. The multiple choice questions can be answered on the purple mash site and there is an attached worksheet for the other tasks for you to complete in your exercise book.

Writing task: Again, this is set as a to do on the Purple Mash site. You are asked to write a playscript for the conversation between the characters.

Don’t forget to read all the hints on the left of the 2 do page.

Maths: I have set a problem solving 2 do on purple mash but you may need to do some workings out on paper to show how you worked out the answer. If you finish these why not create some of your own problems for someone in your household to have a go at. Remember you’ll have to work the answers out first to see if they get them right.

Spelling –

  1. Complete the Look cover write and check task – you need to draw this table in your book and remember to use your best handwriting (and a ruler)

Look Cover Write Check







Find and copy the definition of each word in a dictionary

  1. Write sentences using each one of the words from the list correctly

Don’t forget to keep up with your own individual reading too. Twenty minutes a day every day would be good as a minimum.

Chapter 3 Tasks

Sequencing - Put these events in the order in which they happened, numbering them from 1 to 5.

The children landed on the wreck of HMS Horizon.

The children were informed of everything that had happened since the attack.

Tazz’s robot tutor spoke to the children.

They noticed that everything was covered in a thick layer of frost.

They made their way to the engine deck to try to get the power back on.

Spelling and Grammar

  1. Choose the correct homophones to complete the sentences below.

The children decided to (precede/proceed) through the wreckage, pulling themselves along. It took a lot of effort and they felt (wary/weary). When they reached the engine room, Tazz (heard/herd) a familiar voice.

  1. Tick the option that shows how the underlined words in the sentence below are used.

Everything was coated in a thick, white layer of frost. Tick one.

as a main clause

as a fronted adverbial

as a subordinate clause

as a noun phrase

  1. Rewrite the sentence below so that it is in the passive voice.

The robot tutor enchanted Julam.

  1. Add a relative clause to complete the sentence below.

Didac-One, ____________________________, told the children about what had happened after the attack.

  1. a) Define the word antonym.

b) Write one word that is an antonym of repair.

Open-Ended Questions

1. At the start of the chapter, Tazz and Julam were heading towards HMS Horizon. Give two reasons why this would have been a frightening experience.

2. Flailing for something to stop them tumbling back out into space, Tazz grabbed the branch of a scorched and mangled tree. What does the word flailing tell you about the way Tazz was moving?

3. Pulling themselves along, they floated weightlessly down the corridors of the HMS Horizon like divers exploring a shipwreck. Why do you think the author compared the way the children were moving to divers?

4. Look at the paragraph beginning Didac-One was Tazz’s personal… to the paragraph ending …Tazz objected. Why do you think that Tazz and Julam have contrasting views about robot tutors?

5. “Well, I have a plan,” Didac-One said, “but it is extremely dangerous.” What do you think Didac-One’s plan involves?

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