Morning all,

I will be posting some additional home learning resources that will be available to be printed off and sent home or picked up from school this week so look out for that.

I will also keep up with posting activities and learning on the class website though so you can choose what you prefer to do and what you are able to do if you don't have access to a computer/tablet at home.


Today I would like you to have a look these questions and answer them on the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. Follow the link from yesterdays link to listen to the story again if you've forgotten.


These are this weeks spellings to learn and practise daily to be tested by an adult. You could also practise writing these words out neatly for handwriting and putting them in to your own sentences is a great way to understand them.


Yesterday the task was to look at times specifically o'clock on the hour and half past the hour.

Today have a go revising the work from yesterday and then have a go at the interactive game 'On Time'

This game will challenge you to set the hands of the clock to different times and there are different levels of difficulty. This does require adobe flash player.



Log on to purple mash and check out your 2do task on 2sequence. Do you remember learning how to make some clever tunes on this. I would like you to produce a calming piece of music that would be restful an perhaps get Ava to sleep. If you're device doesn't play sound have a go at the weekly learning you can do on purple mash that I posted on yesterday's work.

Hopefully you've had a go at Joe Wicks today and got some exercise.


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