Good morning Year 4!

Let’s listen to some more of The Iron Man here: , then answer three more questions from your reading tasks. Please answer these in your books.

Next, on Purple Mash complete the Money Up To 10p A and B games and choose one maths game to complete from your learning pack. Remember I am available to message if you have any problems with your work.

Now… have you ever heard people say things that don’t make sense but you understand what they mean? Have you ever heard anyone say ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’? What do they really mean? How do you feel if you’re ‘feeling under the weather’? Keep your ear to the ground (another one) for some more expressions. People use them all the time. Write down the expressions you hear and ask your parents for some more. Draw a picture for each one in your book and write what they actually mean!

Finally, end your day with a workout from Joe Wicks!

Well done!

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