Good morning Reception Class,

It was such a treat to get a little look at some of you when I dropped off your learning packs yesterday. I have missed you all so much. I hope that you have had a look at your pack for week 1 and are ready to start the learning for today.

Firstly, I want you to sit somewhere quiet with your mummy or your daddy or an older brother or sister and listen to them read ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story to you. You might be able to read some of the words yourself, especially if you Fred talk them and blend the sounds together. It’s important that today, you hear the story so that you know what it is all about.

Next, I want you to find the pages in the pack that are stapled together and have the characters from the story all around the border. At the top of the first sheet it says

‘The little pigs set off to see the world…’

I want you to write the first part of the story on this page, in your own words and then draw and colour in a picture to go with it. If you write a lot, then you can turn over and carry on writing on the back. You can use the word mat to help you spell some of the story words. Don’t worry about your spelling. Just try your best, Fred Talk the words and have a go.

Now I would like you to cut out the clothes for the little pigs and dress them. I have given you some glue so you can stick them on. Be careful when you are cutting and take your time.

Finally it is time for some maths. You are going to be learning about doubling this week. If you double a number then you add the same number to itself like 2 + 2 or 10+ 10.

I want you to do number 1, 2 and 3 of the Doubles Magician’s challenges, then both of the Ladybird Doubles sheets. Use the pencil crayons that I have given you to draw the ladybird’s spots then count the spots carefully. I have given you some number lines with numbers up to 20 so use these to make sure you write the numbers the right way round.

When you have finished all of this learning you can stop for the day or you can colour in some of the pictures if you want to. You may want to choose an activity from the Art Activities, Building and Modelling, Exploring and Measuring, Helping Round the Home, Make Believe and Play or the Movement activity sheets. These extra activity sheets have to last you all week so don’t do them all at once! You can choose which ones you do and when you do them.

Have a fantastic day

Love from Mrs Abram

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