I hope you're work so far has been interesting, getting to know the story the 'Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' and investigating time in Maths. Today I would like you to have a go at the lessons provided by bbc bitesize. This is a fabulous resource which has daily lessons and very good teaching videos plus activities to complete.

Follow the link

Year 2 lessons - BBC Bitesize

20 April - To talk about my favourite story and explain why I like it. Also to predict what 'The Magic Faraway Tree’ might be about. 22 April - To learn how to use adjectives in your writing by ... and complete:

The lessons for 22nd April.

English-Using descriptive words.

Maths-Counting in tens and ones.

Science-Introduction to Seasons day and night.

Complete the activities on paper or if you have an exercise book in that. If you can't print out worksheets just put the date and headings in your books and complete it there. Ask an adult if they could check it over for you.

In addition to this I have prepared some home learning packs that can be collected from school. It will be a class grid with different activities to choose from and some workbooks. This will be accessible on the class page online but I will be contacting you all, on Thursday to see if you would rather collect a pack, which will include an exercise book to work in.

I will still post daily work on the class page but this gives you more options on what you would prefer to complete. Remember you can always contact school if you have any issues and myself through 2email purple mash.

Good luck with the bbc bitesize lessons.

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