Good morning all of you.

How did you get on with the poem yesterday? I thought we would have a look at another one of my favourite poems today.

This one doesn't rhyme but still sounds fantastic when it is read aloud. Watch it and then read the part I have put here out loud to someone. Pay attention to the commas and full stops, they help you read it expressively.

When you have listened to it and read it a few times think of how it feels to be eating your favourite food. Write a description of the food and how you feel when you are eating it. You could even try to write a poem imagining that you are sneaking into the kitchen to pinch a bit whilst everyone else is sleeping.

Next today have a go at your tables and then have a look at this lesson on bitesize. It reminds you how to use mathematical symbols to compare numbers.

If you have any more time I would like you to think about our new topic which is all about our local geography and history. Think about Darwen. How many different types of buildings can you think of in our town? Write a list and draw some pictures. How many different types of building can you think of? What do we use buildings for?

Have a lovely day, stay in touch.

Mrs Jenkins.

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