Hello 4S, I hope you’re all ok. We’re half way through the week! Don’t forget that your new learning packs are ready to collect from school from this afternoon with your next 3 weeks of learning.

Let’s begin with a workout!

Now let’s continue to listen to our class novel: . Answer three more questions from your reading tasks. Please answer these in your books.

Next, draw or paint me your favourite food. Take care to add shading and tone to make it look 3D and really think about the detail. If you have this food in your house to look at whilst completing this task it will help.

Then log on to Purple mash and have a go at the games Money Up to 20p A and B and choose one maths game to complete from your learning pack. Remember I am available to message if you have any problems with your work.

Finally, think about the ‘Question Time’ section after looking at this picture: write down your thoughts in full, clear sentences in your book.

Amazing work!

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