Morning Everyone!

I completed your new packs yesterday and I will be contacted you at some point today to arrange getting them to you. I hope you enjoy the work in there, there are plenty of new challenges.


20 minutes of independent reading. Pick 3 tasks from your reading grid to complete.


I want you to randomly think of 5 numbers between 2-100. Write the number in a bubble. Now around it can you write as many facts as possible about this number. It's factors, any multiplications which result in this number, any divisions problems and create worded problems. Be creative with this, make it look exciting and colourful.


Think about your favourite board game. Could you write a set of instructions of how to play it.

Remember each step should be separate using words such as firstly, next, finally.

Imagine an alien is reading your instructions, they have never played the game before. Do not miss out any steps or important information and make them very easy to understand and read.

Give someone in your house the instructions. Can they follow them?

Creative Geography

Draw a deserted island, on the island should be a forest, a beach, a volcano, your tent, a campfire, an abandoned village, a harbour, roads and in the centre hidden treasure.

Once you have drawn your island a visitor arrives at the harbour. I want you to guide the visitor around your island to each place using the 8 points of a compass and they must stay on the roads.

Use a little figure to do this, a Lego figure or a figure you draw and cut out.

Log onto Purple Mash to check for new 2do's also!

Keep in touch and if you need any help let me know.

Miss Connearn

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