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Please be advised that the new learning packs for the children are now available for collection from the school entrance from 10 a.m. today onwards.

These packs contain worksheets and activities for the children to complete during this lockdown experience. Please adhere to the current social distancing rules when collecting your child’s pack.

Comprehension- I have added the last chapter to our ‘Serpents of the Nebulas’ story to the Purple Mash page and you can also find the multiple choice questions there as a 2 do as well.

Writing – The task is set as a 2 do on purple mash and you simply have to write a review of the book Serpents of the Nebula’. Remember to include a book cover, a brief summary of the story (blurb), give it a grade out of five, talk about your favourite character and give reasons for your choice. Would you recommend this book to other readers? Give reasons for your recommendation. Your favourite part in the book and the age group you think it is appropriate for etc.

Reading – Don’t forget to find a quiet 20 minutes (at least) to read a book of your choice.

Spag/ Spelling is based on Chapter 5 of Serpents of the Nebula and is on the website too.

Maths- I have added another purple mash Maths 2 do for today. It is all to do with Long Division. Try to remember the strategy we used to complete these in class and have a go. You could also check your answers by using the inverse operation (multiplication) when you have finished.

From tomorrow, I will be highlighting the tasks I would like the children to attempt each day on the school website, so please check in for those details if you can.

Chapter 5 tasks

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

1. Choose the correct spellings to complete the sentences below.

The official/offitial leader of Splenyoth, Queen Zalgama, made the children feel special/spetial by telling them that they were heroes. She gave them some jetpacks filled with an essencial/essential supply of oxygen.

2. Look at the sentence below. Explain why a colon has been used.

‘But then something else came into view: a young space serpent, speeding towards them with its mouth wide open.’

3. Rewrite the sentence below so that it is in the present perfect form.

Queen Zalgama spoke to Tazz and Julam.

4. Circle the option that shows how the underlined words in the sentence below are used.

Half an hour later, the queen’s forces had stormed the asteroid, located the HMS Horizon’s crew and taken Prince Gagalag prisoner.

Circle one. as a main clause, as a fronted adverbial , as a modal verb, as an expanded noun phrase

5. Insert a pair of commas in the sentence below to indicate parenthesis.

Tazz who had been forgiven for his rudeness was shoved playfully by Julam.

Open-Ended Questions

1. Dodging the attacks of the adult beast, he steered their tiny escape module into the serpent’s cavernous mouth… How did the children feel about entering the serpent’s mouth compared with the first time they were inside it?

2. The serpent opened its mouth and the escape module drifted from it. What does the word drifted tell you about the way the escape module was moving?

3. Look at the conversation between Queen Zalgama and the children. Why did Julam whisper?

4. The serpent’s huge head nudged them gently as they spiralled about. What does this sentence tell you about the relationship between the children and the serpent?

5. At the end of the story, how could the children tell from the serpent’s behaviour that it knew they had come to say thank you?


Practice your spellings by filling in the chart above

Find and write down the definition of each word from a dictionary.

Now use each word correctly in a good Year 6 sentence.

Now use each word correctly in a good Year 6 sentence.

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