Good morning Reception Class,

I hope that you had a chance to do the work that I set for you yesterday and that you enjoyed doing it. The first thing that I want you to do today is get someone to read you the story of The Three Little Pigs again. Try to join in with the parts of the story that you know. Once you have read it, I want you to write the next 3 pages of the story in your own words:

The first little pig built his house out of straw…

The second little pig built her house out of sticks…

The third little pig built his house out of bricks…

Remember to use the word at to help you with the spelling and draw a beautiful picture to go with each part of the story. You can write on the back of the sheet if you fill the page. Take your time because these pictures need to be really carefully drawn and coloured.

Maths – I want you to do numbers 4, 5 and 6 of the Doubles Magician’s challenges. You can use the counters that I have given you to help you find the doubles or you can draw the pictures in the orange book that I gave you. If you choose to draw pictures, then make sure you do them neatly and small so that all fit on one page – just as if we were at school and I asked you to do it in your maths book.

Then you can do both the dice doubles worksheets. If you want to do some more maths after all that, then you can choose a number such as the number 4 and then draw 4 objects. This can be stars, suns, cars, cats, dogs, flowers, leaves, shells, rainbows, smiley faces – anything you want! Then double the number and draw the same again. Write the numbers underneath to see how many you have got altogether. Look at the one that I have done for you.

There are daily virtual Read Write Inc. Speed Sounds Phonics lessons on YouTube for you to watch at home. Each lesson is ten to fifteen minutes long and available for 24 hours.

YOUTUBE SPEED SOUNDS LESSON SCHEDULE 20th April to 19th May 2020 Monday – Friday

*The children will know whose group they are in as they go for their RWI lesson with the same person every day when they are in school.

If you still want to do some more learning today then choose one or two activities from the Art Activities, Building and Modelling, Exploring and Measuring, Helping Round the Home, Make Believe and Play or the Movement sheets.

Have a lovely day children

Mrs Abram

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