Hopefully you managed to access the lessons from bbc bitesize yesterday?

I would like you to do the same today so you get used to following it.

So follow the link below again and access the lessons for 23rd April:

Year 2 lessons - BBC Bitesize

20 April - To talk about my favourite story and explain why I like it. Also to predict what 'The Magic Faraway Tree’ might be about. 22 April - To learn how to use adjectives in your writing by ...

English:Creating lists in sentences and writing command sentences.

Maths:Showing numbers up to 100 in different ways. For this lesson it mentions printing out numbers to match. You could just write them on small pieces of paper and match them up. Also recording the worksheet answers in and exercise book is fine.

Music:Singing-Learn how to use your voice to make music. There's also an activity to make dance moves up.

In addition to this I would like you to log on to purple mash and complete the 2do task set on drawing yourself and labelling all the body parts you know. I'm still only seeing a few children regularly going on to purple mash to complete activities.

Packs with your log ins will be available to pick up from school if you don't know it.


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