Good morning everyone.

This morning I wanted to talk about the new learning packs that some of you picked up. If you haven't managed to get hold of it yet then it is ready and waiting for you at school. A grown up could go and pick it up or give school a ring and we can arrange for it to be sent out to you.

When you get it you will see a letter from all of us in 4/5J and a grid of possible activities for you to do. I have put a copy of it at the bottom of this message.

It is important that you understand that all this work should last two or even three weeks. The bits in bold I would like you to do every day, they are your maths and spellings. There are two hundred spellings on a separate sheet in your pack. Choose ten today to start to learn.

There is also a new book for all of you. Read for twenty minutes this morning.

Check for a tables check and one other maths activity.

Your pack has a new pencil and exercise book in. You can write down anything you find helpful in it. Please write the date so I can see what you have done when we get back to school.

Don't worry about the other sheets in the pack yet. I will tell you when I want you to look at them. Keep them altogether somewhere safe.

This afternoon choose one or two of the activities from somewhere else on the grid. When you have done it you could put a tick in the box or colour that part of the grid in.

If you have any questions about the pack remember that you can send me a message on Purple Mash 2mail or ring school. Someone will be able to talk to you or get in touch with me.

Have a good day, if you haven't got your pack yet don't worry just use this copy of the grid. Don't throw your old pack out. Bring the old reading books back to school if you can and keep your purple mash log in and the reading task booklet. If you cant get to school that's fine, we need you to stay safe. Just keep it in a safe place until we are all back together again.

Stay in touch

Mrs Jenkins

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