Hello everyone. How are we today?

Enjoy listening to the next chapter of The Iron Man here: , then answer three more questions from your reading tasks. Please answer these in your books again.

Now let’s get up and active! Complete a session:

Next, draw me a fantasy setting and write a short story about the characters who live there. This can be done on purple mash or in your book.

For maths, on Purple Mash please complete Money Up to 50p A and B and then choose one maths game to complete from your learning pack. Remember I am available to message if you have any problems with your work as always.

Go to the following page: Take a look at the picture and complete the ‘Sick sentences’ task. Remember to use similes, metaphors, personification, 3ED sentences, 2A sentences and anything else you think would improve them.

Well done 4S!

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