Hello everyone, it’s time to get started on some of our new learning tasks today.

Let’s start with a spelling task.

  • First find the word-search with the title ‘Double Consonant’ (it is light blue in colour).

  • Now look at the words you are going to search for – they are in the box at the bottom. If you notice they all have double consonants in them. (Remember that consonants are any letters that are not vowels).

  • Search for the hidden words.

  • Once you have found the words, use a dictionary or online dictionary to find the definition of the word. On the back of the sheet write down each word and its definition.

  • Now use each word in a good year six sentence and make sure you spell it correctly.

Now for the maths task.

  • Find the magic squares worksheet and read the explanation at the top of the page.

  • On the front page, fill in the empty squares with the numbers 1 to 9 ( some have already been used in each square) making sure that each line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) adds up to 15.

  • When page 1 is finished, turn over and finish page 2. Be careful with the 4 x 4 squares at the bottom of the page – read the instructions carefully.

Time for a writing activity.

  • Find the page of writing opportunities and look at picture 1. It shows a hand holding up a small piece of paper with the words ‘thank you’ written on it.

  • Read the directions at the side of the image.

  • You are writing a letter of thanks to someone who really deserves it. It is going to be an informal letter so think about the way you would set it out, the language you would use and how you would end the letter.

  • Remember – you are in Year 6 and the quality of your writing should reflect this.

Now have a look at the ‘Home Learning Challenges’ grid.

  • Find the ‘English’ column (it’s the 2nd one along) and then find the box with the title ‘Book Poster’.

  • Read the instructions and complete the task. Remember the finished poster needs to reflect the fact that you are in Year 6, where expectations of presentation are high. If you use bubble writing think about each letter being a consistent size and make sure the writing is spaced out well and avoid running out of room. When ‘colouring- in’ make sure there are no white gaps evident.

  • When you have finished your poster – shade in the ‘Book Poster’ square on the challenge grid to show that the challenge has been completed.

Now after all that, find a quiet corner where you can enjoy reading the book of your choice – without distraction for at least 20 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed completing day one of your new learning pack.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Mr A,

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